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What is GenerationFly?

GenerationFly is a Lufthansa site dedicated to fulfilling the needs of today’s international student traveler by guaranteeing you will get the lowest student fares on Lufthansa and offering a social network that allows you to connect and share ideas with fellow students who love to travel..

Why did Lufthansa develop GenerationFly?

We created this website for you, the student traveler on a budget interested in exploring the world. Approximately 19 million students in the US will likely travel internationally. Therefore, Lufthansa created GenerationFly to give students traveling to Europe and beyond a place to go to find affordable travel on a world class airline

Who is eligible for GenerationFly fares?

Students currently enrolled in a U.S. college or university as well as youth passengers 12 to 25 years of age with a valid “.edu” or K12.[State].US email address which is required to register and access our site as well as book our fares. Travelers will also have to present a valid college / university-issued ID or a Valid ISIC card provided the passenger is enrolled in a College University in the USA or youth passengers - a valid IYIC (Go 25) card at check-in. We do realize that K12.[State].US email address are not always assigned to High School students but are generally assigned to teachers. The ".EDU" and ".K12" e-mail addresses are used by our system to facilitate self-service and just for registration purposes; once registered the user can enter his/her own private e-mail address. Therefore, it may be practical to "borrow" the e-mail address from one of your teachers, use that to register and ensure that the confirmation e-mail which will be sent to that teacher's e-mail address is given back to you by the teacher. If that is not feasible, then please e-mail us at genflytech@dlh.de.

How does GenerationFly differ from other travel sites?

Lufthansa is the first international airline to offer U.S. college students customized travel site with a guarantee in offering the lowest student fare on Lufthansa. GenerationFly.com also offers social network connecting you with thousands of fellow student travelers from all continents offering you helpful travel tips for your trip abroad.

Why do I need to register?

We ask you to register with your valid ".edu" college e-mail address or K12.[State].US because we are only permitted to offer these fares to a very limited group of people, and frankly, that's the only way we have of knowing that you're legitimately part of that group. We will not use your address for any other purpose than GenerationFly.

If you have neither an ".edu" or "K12" e-mail address access, but you are a student, then please e-mail us at genflytech@dlh.de.
We will not use your address for any other purpose than GenerationFly.

What kind of fares does GenerationFly offer?

The lowest student fares you'll find on Lufthansa. Guaranteed! If a student fare is not available for your desired itinerary, a published Lufthansa web fare will be offered. Terms and Conditions for web fares and student fares will differ. Student fares are subject to availability.

How can I guarantee I get the lowest student fare?

Be flexible with your travel dates! Having the option of leaving or returning a day or two earlier increases your chances of getting our guaranteed lowest student fare.

Try to avoid peak travel times! Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are known for being the busiest and most expensive travel periods. However, it may be possible to get our lowest student fare if you decide to travel on the holiday itself.

Book at least two weeks ahead! Plan early and don’t procrastinate. The longer you wait the least likely chance you have in finding our best offer.

Look for mid-week flights! People tend to fly more on the week-ends then mid-week, creating less of a chance in obtaining our lowest fare. You will probably have a better selection of flights and getting our lowest student fares if you book your itinerary mid-week. Besides, you’ll pay more for weekend flights.

Have a look at a neighboring airport! For example: Flying from Newark, NJ instead of New York’s JFK airport may increase your chance in getting our lowest student fares.

Save money by getting a Star Alliance Airpass! If you are interested in traveling throughout Europe, have a look at the Star Alliance Airpass in our Travel Add-on’s section. Combining the Airpass with your transatlantic journey can save you up to $600 instead of booking all flight separately.

What are Lufthansa's travel destinations?

Lufthansa flies to 207 destinations in 81 countries including popular student destinations like Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Germany and the UK. GenerationFly.com guarantess the lowest student fares on Lufthansa to these destinations and beyond.

Are International Student ID Cards (ISIC) required to purchase tickets?

The ISIC card is not required to purchase tickets on GenerationFly. However, students must show a valid college / university-issued student ID card or a Valid IYIC (Go 25) card at check-in.

Can I book a Star Alliance partner on my itinerary?

Lufthansa relies on Star Alliance members to give its passenger access to 965 destinations in 162 countries globally. The Star Alliance European Airpass is the perfect way for students to travel across 44 countries in Continental Europe and the UK under one low fare. Further information about the Star Alliance European Airpass can be found on the Travel Add-ons page.

Whom do I contact for customer service?

If you have any questions regarding your Generation Fly registration,
please contact us via e-mail at genflytech@dlh.de.

If you need assistance with a booking that you have already made or for clarifications pertaining to the Terms and Conditions, please call 1-800-645-3880.

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